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What is a complex transaction ? 

The complexity of a transaction has as much to do with:
• the legal and fiscal consequences of how it is implemented
• the multiplicity of stakeholders who need to identify their roles
• the scope and the limitations of the contributions of each person taking part in the project
• coordinating the actions of stakeholders and verifying that they respect their obligations

To ensure the project is completed successfully and the client’s objectives are met, it is essential to do the following things before putting the project in motion:
• set up a team and define each person’s precise role and responsibilities
• define how the team will coordinate and manage its work, while taking into consideration the client’s economic objectives
• audit the assets and their structural holdings
• undertake a judicial and fiscal analysis of possible solutions to understand their consequences, feasibility and the inherent risks in each solution
• finalize negotiations
• contractualize the negotiated terms
• compile the dossier presenting the financing to be put in place
• finalize the transfer of the assets and the actions following signature

Example of a complex judicial operation: a merger and acquisition between two entities of different nationalities 

expertise juridique et fiscale pour les contrats internationaux

International transactions are by nature complex operations, not only because of the number of stakeholders involved and the financing challenges, but also because of differences in applicable legislation and regulations in each country. In an international context, it is necessary to bring together teams of auditors and writers who can exchange information and understand the judicial, fiscal and accounting consequences of the project for each of the entities concerned and potentially for their associates. This multi-stakeholder approach allows us to thoroughly define the best method of implementation for all of the concerned parties. 

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