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All-inclusive judicial services 

For each of our clients we create a portfolio of legal services based on our areas of expertise (management of corporate legal obligations, record keeping and archiving, monitoring, contractualisation, judicial and fiscal advice...).
Our goal is to lighten the burden of time consuming tasks that are not at the core of our client’s profession. Delegating these responsibilities to our team makes life simpler for businesses, saving time and capital. Years of experience and the pooling of resources result in a high level of efficiency that allows us to offer our services at an excellent value.
In order to ensure superior service and a transparency of costs, before beginning our partnership with the client, we create a detailed contract specifying:
• the economic objectives
• the extent of our services
• the establishment of a reporting system for monitoring and evaluation
• the cost to the client

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The interdisciplinary expertise of the Selarl Bruno Bedaride, notaire in Paris covers the following areas: corporate law, international contracts law, legal and tax advice, advice for international transmission, real estate law, family office, real estate and company finance law. We offer more particularly our services to non residents or foreign company who wish to invest, move or create a business in France.