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A presentation of our expertise

The diverse, complementary and interdisciplinary nature of our savoir-faire allows us to intervene in complex transactions such as:

  • the development and restructuring of enterprises

  • the transmission and succession of companies and private inheritances and gifts

  • the management of commercial and private real estate affairs

    We help our clients work through these types of intricate operations by drawing from our interdisciplinary knowledge base. Our expertise in the judicial, financial and fiscal fields allow us to maintain a global perspective and find fully integrated solutions. We keep the big picture in mind, considering both the short term goal and long term objectives. We take not only the professional perspective into account but also the personal, the judicial, the financial and the fiscal. Throughout the process we also examine the other parties involved in order to anticipate and diffuse potential conflicts of interest.

    Example: In the context of acquiring the assets of a company liable to pay corporate tax, it would be in the fiscal interest of the seller to sell the shares of the company. On the other hand, it would most often be in the interest of the buyer to acquire the business to avoid the unintended risks of both depreciating assets and increase in liabilities. We propose and put in place solutions which conciliate the varying interests of the parties involved.

  • Our added value : a tailor made legal and tax expertise
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    The interdisciplinary expertise of the Selarl Bruno Bedaride, notaire in Paris covers the following areas: corporate law, international contracts law, legal and tax advice, advice for international transmission, real estate law, family office, real estate and company finance law. We offer more particularly our services to non residents or foreign company who wish to invest, move or create a business in France.