Nous avertissons les internautes de ne jamais donner suite à toute sollicitation faite sous le sceau de l’étude, notamment impliquant des prêts ou emprunts de somme d’argent qui constituent des escroqueries.

Cliquez-ici pour visualiser deux exemples de faux contrats de prêt qui comportent de nombreuses anomalies.



Company Law

This section aims to present the work of the office on business law, corporate law and also in groups of companies.

  • Creation of a business
  • Business contracts
  • Contracts with clients
  • Company conveyance within the family circle
  • Acquisition/sale of the business
  • Lease-management agreements
  • Establishment of a network/franchise

Corporate Law

  • Creation of a corporation and of an economic interest group or groupement d’intérêt économique
  • Shareholder’s agreement
  • Management of the corporation’s legal and administrative obligations
  • Delegation of power and signing authority
  • Recording keeping and handling of corporate documents

Affiliated Companies

  •     Creation of a leadfinancial holding company
  •     Management of the company’s legal and administrative obligations
  •     Restructuring
  •     Tax consolidation or integration
  •     Parent-Subsidiary tax regime, régime mère-fille
  •     Recording keeping and handling of documents relating to the lead holding company

Business Development

  •     Investment structuring/legal and fiscal studies
  •     Acquisition/sales of businesses and acquisition/transfer of shares
  •     Audit/leveraged buyout (LBO)
  •     Merger/Demergers/Partial business transfers
  •     Universal transmission of assets
  •     Joint ventures
  •     Capital-development in small to medium unlisted companies, PME non cotées
  •     Special financing (senior and junior debts)

Corporate Real Estate

  • Investment structuring
  • Acquisition/sales/audit
  • Externalisation/security trust
  • Special Financing :
    • Lease financing
    • Mortgage credit
    • Revolving credit with remortgaging
    • Credit line
    • Credit with a security trust, fiducie-sûreté
  •    Administrative oversight of construction projects
  •    Management of real estate documentation and paperwork


  •     Corporate taxation
  •     Corporate tax / VAT and other taxes
  •     Tax consolidation and transparency
  •     Specific case studies
  •     International taxation
  •     Analysis of international tax conventions, administrative assistance and analysis of the fiscal impact on different countries, in collaboration with tax advisors in each country

Preservation and archiving of business life

We assure:

  • permanent record-keeping:
    - of all paper documents in the office
    - of all electronic documents in an electronic safe in the Chambre des notaires de Paris
Conservation et archivage des actes
Conservation et archivage des actes
  • the temporary conservation of original legal documents with the securities register
  • an annual deposit of legal documents that must be archived in order to comply with a company’s legal obligations

Upon request from the client, our office can create a CD-rom of the project details containing all of the  applicable contracts and documents.

Mr. Bedaride French solicitor corporate law in Paris