Nous avertissons les internautes de ne jamais donner suite à toute sollicitation faite sous le sceau de l’étude, notamment impliquant des prêts ou emprunts de somme d’argent qui constituent des escroqueries.

Cliquez-ici pour visualiser deux exemples de faux contrats de prêt qui comportent de nombreuses anomalies.



As a public officer, notaires are the delegates of public authority and are charged with the task of handling contractual agreements in which the parties either require, or simply desire, a public notaire’s certification of authenticity to mark the date, to conserve the document, or to create certified copies, that is to say, a certified copy of the originally notarized document called a minute.” Article 1 of the ordinance dated November 2, 1945


A notaire can also:

  • be assigned legal tasks by the judge in case of a divorce (expertise, project of dissolving the régrime matrimonial), distribution of the estate, judicial adjudication, expropriation and also in matters of guardianship or curatorship

  • offer judicial services to clients

  • find capital or invest funds on the part of clients while respecting the strict professional rules governing this process

  • negotiate sales (land, buildings, company shares, goods, art...) under a written mandate specifying that the client will participate in creation of the contractual agreements

  • What is a notaire in France ?