Nous avertissons les internautes de ne jamais donner suite à toute sollicitation faite sous le sceau de l’étude, notamment impliquant des prêts ou emprunts de somme d’argent qui constituent des escroqueries.

Cliquez-ici pour visualiser deux exemples de faux contrats de prêt qui comportent de nombreuses anomalies.


Personal Wealth

Financing and securities

This section aims to present the work of the Office for funding intended primarily to companies or investors with creation of real or personal security.

Wealth management and strategy

  • analysis of problems and solutions
  • real estate and the effect of leveraged financing
  • asset management
  • capitalisation and life insurance
  • creation of an investment holding company
  • capital investment and private equity
  • establishment of investment strategy

Transmission of wealth

  • Analysis of objectives and selection of pertinent judicial and fiscal tools
  • Pactes Dutreil or Dutreil Agreements and family agreements
  • Post mortem terms and future protection
  • Distribution of the estate and definition of the rights of ownership
           Will (post mortem)
           Donation (Inter vivos)
  • Creation of a family holding/analysis of strategic choices
  • Settling international successions

Family Office

  • marriage (régimes matrimoniaux) : pre and postnuptial agreements - marriage contracts – contrat de mariage, changing a marital contract – changement de régime matrimonial, overseeing marital property and contracts for international couples
  • divorce : conciliation, postnuptial agreements, assisting the spouses in the case of divorce and liquidation of marital property, specific council for international couples
  • individual judicial and fiscal services

Personal Finance Management

  • annual declaration of personal income taxes
  • annual declaration of wealth tax or d'impôt de solidarité sur la fortune
  • declaration of income-based investments
  • annual declaration of the Pacte Dutreil or Dutreil Agreement
  • declaration of succession/gifts
  • fiscal assistance in the case of a tax adjustment

Preservation and archiving of personal life

We assure :

  • permanent record-keeping:
    • of all paper documents in the office
    • of all electronic documents in an electronic safe in the Chambre des notaires de Paris
  • the temporary conservation of original legal documents with the securities register
  • an annual deposit of legal documents that must be archived in order to comply with a company’s legal obligations

Upon request from the client, our office can create a CD-rom of the project details containing all of the  applicable contracts and documents.

Finance and security for business and investors