Nous avertissons les internautes de ne jamais donner suite à toute sollicitation faite sous le sceau de l’étude, notamment impliquant des prêts ou emprunts de somme d’argent qui constituent des escroqueries.

Cliquez-ici pour visualiser deux exemples de faux contrats de prêt qui comportent de nombreuses anomalies.


A letter from the founder

A letter from Bruno Bédaride,


Born into a family with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I founded this office in 1997. The desire to explore the interdisciplinary nature of financial operations, naturally lead me to address legal entities, personnes morales, in the form of small and medium sized companies and industries, SME.


Finding integrated solutions for our clients requires not only a clear understanding of the law, but also knowledge from neighboring fields, such as taxation and negotiation. This allows us to draft one or several studies in order to identify the judicial and fiscal tools necessary to achieve our client’s specific economic goals, all while keeping the larger legal picture in mind.


Our process is composed of two parts:


  • During the initial phase, we begin by clearly defining our client’s objective while collecting and analyzing all pertinent information and documentation. This is followed by the creation of a written study and a preliminary proposal of solutions that keep our client’s goal in sharp focus.


  • The second phase corresponds to the application of the defined actions decided upon during phase one.

Given the diverse legal training required of notaries in France, combined with our unique status allowing us to both author and authenticate legal documents, we are able to synthesize the necessary knowledge from several fields. This allows us to create legally binding agreements or statements, thus minimizing the number of experts needed to complete the operation.


Our professional practice is particularly adapted to managing the affairs of small to medium sized family corporations. We are also adept at handling personal or financial matters for company executives, permitting our clients to have one contact who seamlessly handles diverse legal tasks in tandem with our client’s certified public accountant or lawyer.


This approach is in line with the savoir-faire of notaires who have presided over the legal and financial affairs of companies since the beginning of the 20th century.


We are notaires. We are your advisors and are personally and professionally invested in the advice we give. A detail which sets us apart.


Maître Bédaride, Notaire, Founder.

Bruno Bédaride presents his English speaking law firm based in Paris (France).